Vistax screenshot
Photo by Jorik Kleen

A new iOS Photography experience

Vistax brings out the full power of your device’s camera through a simple user experience. It includes premium features such as manual controls, RAW capture, portrait mode and custom color filters.

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Manual controls

Full, semi-automatic or manual control of shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.

ProRAW / DNG output

Output ProRAW/DNG for maximum flexibility in your post-processing workflow, or choose JPEG or HEIC for smaller file size and easier handling of your images.

Camera Kits

Save the entire camera configuration using Vistax Camera Kits. Recall your configuration with 1-button.

Zen mode

With Vistax’s unique Zen mode, all controls disappear while shooting. Focus on the photograph, not the camera.

Color filters

Eye-popping colors or moody black and white, with over 40 color filters, Vistax has you covered. Visualize your intended mood while shooting, knowing you can always retrieve the original file later using iOS non-destructive photo edits. Apply Vistax color filters to your existing images using the Vistax Photo Extension.

Flexible workflow

When using crop factors or color filters, choose whether to save the original unaltered image as an iOS photo edit, or as a separate file.

Portrait mode

Simulate shallow depth of field using Portrait Mode. The depth data is saved to your files so you can reconstruct the effect in other apps.

Custom Color Filters

With Vistax custom color filters, you design or import your color and contrast alterations using Photoshop® or other photo editing apps on your device, and import the result into your Vistax color filters library.

Use the result live in the viewfinder, or edit images from your device’s library, all in wide-gamut color.

Reproduce classic films, create your own Black and White contrast curves: the sky is the limit in your creativity. Share your created color filtes with anyone, as easy as sharing an image.